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Educator's Podcast

In this podcast series, we meet health professional educators around the globe to discuss various educational approaches and challenges that we face in medical education. An expert educator shares his/her insight and experiences to help upcoming educators to progress in their career. This is a shared learning experience and we will like you to join this community to share your experience with other educators. If you want to join the conversation, please contact us @

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Dec 29, 2019

Learning is a social rather than an individual activity, and much of it occurs at the unconscious
level, resulting in the acquisition of a large body of tacit knowledge. In this podcast, Dr Alice Fornari who is Vice President of Faculty Development at Northwell Health System and Associate Dean at the Donald and Barbara...

Nov 30, 2019

Micro-aggression is well recognised but less talked problem in medicine. In this podcast, Dr Ruth Gotian from Weil Cornell Medicine, New York talks about this concept and helps us to understand various strategies to deal with Micro-aggressions in Medicine.

Oct 28, 2019

There has been a trend of the increasing use of infographics in MedEd. In this thought-provoking podcast, Dr Ben Symon from Brisbane advises budding educators to use it as an adjunct rather than the primary pedagogy. He talks about the role of infographics in promoting scholarship in MedEd and shares his insights...

Sep 27, 2019

In this podcast, Dr Kristina Dzara talks about how health professions educators should approach to this concept and outlines her four-step approach to master the elevator pitch in order to excel in a career as an educator.

Aug 22, 2019

In this podcast, Professor Dan Pratt talks about the concept of Plurality of good teaching by diving deeper into the use of teaching perspective inventory.